The 3 most Common Problems in Practice; Part 1.

Most all doctorpreneurs and entrepreneurs alike seem to “need” the same thing in their business… new clients, greater income and more personal free time… Yet most often simply chasing those needs still won’t solve their greater challenges… Because being over worked and underpaid is not the real problem… They are “symptoms” of a broken business plan

Is this true for you? Because this article is focused to those three most common wants… I have been a doctorpreneur for over 40 years now, and I concur with those wants, because I once obsessed about them myself… Until the day I had to ask myself… are these constant challenges my real problem, or are they a symptom of the way I operate my business?

In looking at it I decided even though these desires are common to many others, I don’t believe they are universal problems per se, but I do believe they are universal “symptoms” and are the result of how you operate your business.

What would have to be true for these problems to be real??? In regard to the lack of new patients, we would have to believe that simply nobody wanted our services, so they didn’t break the door down to get in, right?

#1 The New Patient Challenge

What would have to be true for you to be challenged in attracting new patients or having patients referred to you? You would simply have to believe that nobody wanted your service.

Is that true? Would you have gone to all the schooling and your investment of time and money to enter a business that no one wanted? I think not!

Because something happened in your past, that made you want to become a chiropractor instead of a medical doctor or even a physical therapist, you saw something special about chiropractic, you saw its need and its value and you said yes to pursuing that dream. What was that one thing? 

In the meantime, in your quest to survive in business have you decided to be more like what all the people seem to want… allopathic treatment of aches and pains? Have you been medicalizing your practice culture? Did you once have a wellness model in mind as your practice culture, and have the idea of totally transforming a person’s health by offering a wellness culture?  

Because if you opened a practice with transforming health as your goal, and you have instead began selling pain relief services as a matter of trying to survive financially… you most likely are sending a mixed message, of who you are and what your purpose is. And cross information will cause confusion… and a confused mind will not buy.

So, I don’t know what is holding you back form attracting new patients bit I would suggest it is not because of all the reasons you give power too for not having a pipeline of new patients coming to your door everyday like clockwork… At some point you are closing the door either unconsciously or consciously to opportunity.

You must have a clear mind no matter what your personal beliefs are about how you eventually care for people; Because you are promoting a benefit of a service to the public, that is foreign to their thinking… and to be successful you have to understand how to promote what people want, and then give them what they need

The challenge is that chiropractic does have a negative brand image, and many perceive chiropractic to be a controversial approach to health, but can be good for neck and back pain… Which was never the intent for the practice of chiropractic. 

Well… that perception could be changed once we understood,” Why”, people weren’t coming… We could identify the person we felt we could best help and direct a message that promises a benefit that will solve a monumental problem we knew someone has and does not want.  

By re-visiting the question of what people want… When it comes to things, people will buy a power drill… yet they don’t really want a power drill; they want the hole, the power drill promises to deliver as the benefit from having the drill.

And therein lies the key… Good marketing is when you understand the needs and wants of people, and understand that people don’t always want the product or service they seek… What they want are the benefits of that service… So, I ask a dangerous question. What service do you render, and do you promote the service? Or do you promote what the public wants to walk- a-way with as the benefit they receive from receiving your service?

The goal in practice for me is not to have people ever come for the service or the adjustment, or as some call it, treatment… (which is the power drill) But instead come for the benefits of the adjustment which is the promise you make regarding the monumental problems they have and do not want… as the benefit they receive from having come to see you. (the hole).

Stay tuned for the next installment on the 3 most common challenges in business.

Obsessed with helping you live your dream.

Dr Bruce